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Mookie livejournal....

....of doom

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9 January 1981
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  • mookieghana@livejournal.com
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  • chris.harrington
Improv: In Beteween the Lines (University of Rochester 2000-2003), Geva Comedy Improv (2003-2006), Stevie Ray's Improv Company (2006-2008)
Pro-Wrestling: Announcing/Managing/Wrestling-El Cmar: AWF (1999-2002), RCW (2003-2006), RPW (2003), NEW (2004-2005), NWA Upstate (2006)
Education: Greece Arcadia HS (1995-1999), University of Rochester (1999-2003, BA Economics & Mathematics), University of Ghana (Fall 2001)
Work: Nestle Nutrition - Senior Analyst, Business Analyitcs; formerly Pricing Analyst at Mendota Auto Insurance and Fixed Income Marketing Specialist & Operations Dept (Performance/Reconciling) at "Manning & Napier Investment Advisers"; Video Clerk @ Video King, Library Page @ Mitchell Rd Library, Technician & 35 mm Projectionist @ UR Event Support, Student Assistant @ Study Abroad Office, Insurance Salesman @ First American, Computer Programmer @ WeBWorK and EZ-FTZ.
Favorite DVDs: Clue, Muppets, Wrestling, Documentary
Neat places I've lived: Xiamen (China), Legon (Ghana), Drama House (UR)
Who am I?Mr. Willernie

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